(the making of) the guitar

In February of this year (2021) I received an incredible “retirement gift” from a person (who wishes to remain anonymous) that I have known for the past 14 years. 

This person (whom I will call Joe for convenience’s sake) comes from Germany and was/is a regular yearly visitor to Gran Canaria.                         Joe always spent every single night of the holiday in the 19th Hole. 


Joe told me in an email recently that, my music and the 19th Hole was a big part of the reason why he kept coming back to GC.                                        He also told me that the music had helped him through some exceedingly difficult times, and I have to say that, as a songwriter…...that was really nice to hear. 


Last year (2020) I announced that I would retire at the end of the year so, Joe asked a young German luthier named David Jünger to build an acoustic guitar for me and, in this video, you will see the process of how the guitar was made from start to finish using the photos that David took during the build. 

David included a letter in the guitar case and, this is part of what he wrote.


“It was very unusual to me, when Joe called me with the plan to order an instrument as a gift . 

When he came here to visit me, he brought some CD's, pictures, and stories of you. 

But what kind of instrument could suit you? Which model? Which woods? What about the neck? 

I took some time to listen to your music and watched some videos. I saw you played a Takamine, so I did the neck similar to them. 

You play a lot of blues, so I thought I should use Indian Rosewood for the body of the  guitar, to give a warm and rich sound  which I hope will suit your music. The top is made of alpine spruce with some good-looking bear claw figure. The neck is made from mahogany. All the black parts are made from African ebony.” 


Joe also asked David to put in the inscription around the sound hole “Listen to the music and have a real good time” and, he did it beautifully. 

I am not going to mention here what this guitar cost but, I will say this……it cost more than my three Fender electric guitars together…...that is absolutely mind blowing! 


The track for the video is a newly recorded version of La Isla (an instrumental originally on the Till The End Of The Line cd) and the title for this track is “La Isla (Acústica) and features my great friend and phenomenal bass player Wolfy Ziegler also from Germany. 

This is a little bit of a LONG story (and I thank you for reading it all) but, I needed to tell it because I am still absolutely SHOCKED about this incredible gift….UNBELIEVABLE!


The new single

The song “Lockdown 2020” is a rock n roll look at what was, the year “2020” and all that it entailed.
It’s about the effects that the Coronavirus COVID-19 has had on the world in general and how maybe, some of us handled it.
The song is also about hope……and maybe about the hope that together, we can beat this thing!

My great friend from Germany Wolfy Ziegler played bass guitar on this song and he also helped in the mixing of the track, sending it back and forth over the internet for several days until we got it sounding exactly right.

The song is also dedicated to all of the “Frontline Workers” all over the world who have tirelessly worked and sacrificed so much so that millions of us could be cured and saved. We are very much in depth to all of them.

Down On The Boulevard

The new album now available

Down On The Boulevard the sixth solo album from Gerry Lane is now available on Spotify, iTunes/Apple Music, Deezer, Amazon etc.The CD version is available here in the CD MUSIC STORE

The album features 10 original tracks including a newly recorded version of Meloneras Blues (2020)

Meloneras Blues (2020)

friday january 10th

Meloneras Blues (2020) the single  is available on all major streaming sites like Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, Deezer Pandora etc.

It can also be bought as a single on all the Amazon sites

Taken from the album "Down On The Boulevard".

Nothing Left To Lose

the single

The single “Nothing Left To Lose” is taken from the new album Down On The Boulevard.

The single is available on Spotify, Deezer, Pandora, iTunes, Apple Music, Amazon and all the usual outlets.

The single features, Mike Maher: (ex DRIVESHAFT) on drums.

Wolfy Ziegler: bass guitar.

Gerry Lane: All vocals, guitars and keyboards.