Down On The Boulevard

The new album now available

Down On The Boulevard the sixth solo album from Gerry Lane is now available on Spotify, iTunes/Apple Music, Deezer, Amazon etc and the download can be bought at CD The CD version is available exclusively in The 19th Hole.

The album features 10 original tracks including a newly recorded version of Meloneras Blues (2020)

Meloneras Blues (2020)

friday january 10th

Meloneras Blues (2020) the single  is now available on all major streaming sites like Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, Deezer Pandora etc. It can also be bought as a single on CD Baby and all the Amazon sites

Taken from the upcoming album "Down On The Boulevard".

Nothing Left To Lose

the single

The single “Nothing Left To Lose” is taken from the new album Down On The Boulevard.

The single is available on Spotify, Deezer, Pandora, iTunes, Apple Music, Amazon and all the usual outlets.

The single features, Mike Maher: (ex DRIVESHAFT) on drums.

Wolfy Ziegler: bass guitar.

Gerry Lane: All vocals, guitars and keyboards.

My Final Year In The 19th Hole

Time to move on

On the 10th of December 2003, I officially started playing in the 19th Hole although, in June of that year I was asked to play there for 5 nights because one of the regular musicians was on holiday and I was also asked to do one night in August of that year which was for the 40th birthday party of one of the ex-owners of the 19th Hole.

It seems pretty incredible to me now that tonight the 10th of December 2019…16 years later I am still there although now I am playing less nights.
I have played in the Hole all these years basically because of the incredibly loyal people who come back to visit us a few times a year and a big part of why I have lasted this long is because of Dario Rodriguez (one of the owners of the 19th Hole)….. “muchísimas gracias jefe”….you are simply the best!
At the beginning, I played 5 and sometimes 6 nights a week and always 3 hours shows.
But at one point in 2009 that schedule took its toll on my voice and health and I had to stop completely for two and a half months.

And now, it’s time for a change.

Next year will be my last year in the 19th Hole and if all goes according to plan, I hope to finish up sometime in December 2020 although, I am not exactly sure of the date yet.

Over the years I have met thousands from all over the world while playing in the Hole.
I have met some really nice people (and one or two “not so nice” people as well) from every walk of life and from almost every country in Europe and also from countries like the USA, Canada, Russia, Ukraine, South Korea, South America and……the list goes on.
Some of those people have become and still are….very good friends and I am so grateful for that!
Very sadly, I have also lost some good friends as well during these years but, that is just the natural order of life.

I really look forward to seeing a lot of you guys once, twice and a few of you maybe even three times in 2020 and that will be really nice.
Until then, take care all….best wishes and as always…. “see ya sometime soon”

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